If you’ve ever been lucky enough to venture into Rae Lampe’s art room at the Aspen Middle School then you know what a joy it is to see young artist working away in creative bliss. The room is filled with inspiration on every wall in in every shelf, and there is lots and lots of color!


Rae’s 6th grade students were especially lucky this year to be a part of the Bauhaus 100: Aspen celebration. The class was learning about color theory. They were challenged with mixing colors and were inspired by the works of Herbert Bayer, who brought the Bauhaus to Aspen.

“Students learned about the Bauhaus art movement and how Herbert Bayer was part of influencing architecture and design in Aspen and in the world 100 years ago. Students looked at images of Herbert Bayer and how he used design and bright colors. After students learned about color mixing they were inspired by Bayer’s images to design these large scale murals,” said Rae.

These pieces are 6’X6’ mural painted in acrylic and seal on wood.  They will be on display on the fence on the left side of the Wheeler  Opera House and will be ready for the Bauhaus Ball on June 6th. So get to the ball early so you can see these beautiful pieces of art in full color!