Aspen Historical Society hosted a special “Time Travel Tuesdays” program on February 5, 2019 that paired creativity, cocktails and Bauhaus 100: Aspen history. Participants were invited to discover Herbert Bayer’s Bauhaus-influenced style by recreating one of his works of art!

Following a short presentation by Mike Monroney about the Bauhaus ethos and Herbert Bayer’s impact on Aspen, twenty-four participants choose from two Bayer pieces and created their own interpretations. All materials were provided, including pre-outlined canvases, and the results were fantastic – diverse and creative approaches to the Bauhaus principles that are evident across Bayer’s works.

A slide show of historical images and Bayer original designs from the AHS Collection ran throughout the program for added inspiration and the Wheeler Bar was open for an animated evening in the Bauhaus tradition. The best part? Even the self-proclaimed “non-artists” enjoyed this special program pairing history and creativity!

Many thanks to the participants, especially the Dave Durrance (devoted Bauhausler and accomplished professional artist) who donated his finished piece to AHS! Thanks also to the Wheeler Opera House for supporting this special Time Travel Tuesdays program.

Missed out on the fun? The Red Brick Center for the Arts is hosting similar Bauhaus-inspired “Masterpiece Mine” programs throughout the winter! (link: