In honor of the Bauhaus 100: Aspen celebrations, Aspen Historical Society hosted a special Time Travel Tuesdays program as a Bauhaus Evening event on February 12, 2019 featuring siblings in-law Herbert Bayer and Fabi Benedict “in their own words.” History scholars and actors Mike Monroney and Jane Click shared Herbert and Fabi’s stories in researched Chautauqua-style character performances.

Mike portrayed Bauhaus artist Hebert Bayer, who came to Aspen in 1946 with his wife Joella. The performance explored Bayer’s fascination with and relationship to Aspen. Jane performed Joella’s sister Fabi, who joined the Bayer’s in Aspen soon after they relocated here and later married architect Fritz Benedict, who collaborated with Bayer on many projects. Fabi, force in her own right, displayed the spirit of individualism and creativity that are the very essence of the Bauhaus.

The performances were hosted in the Wheeler Opera House Lobby bar to a nearly sold-out crowd. If you missed it, that’s ok – Mike will perform Herbert Bayer again on August 13, 2019 at the Limelight Hotel.