Dezeen Magazine has begun rolling out a slew of fantastic articles on the Bauhaus to help readers prepare with excitement for the centennial! The latest, an op-ed detailing the reception, challenges, and successes of the Bauhaus in America, follows the movement from Harvard to the establishment of Molohy-Nagy’s New Bauhaus in Chicago and addresses notable criticisms such as Tom Wolfe’s From Bauhaus to Our House.

Different Dezeen contributors take different angles, celebrating figures such as Bauhaus power couple Joseph and Anni Albers, poignantly telling Herbert Bayer’s typographical legacy, or exploring the tribulations of the school’s little known second director Hannes Meyer. Still others guide readers through iconic Bauhaus furnishings, architecture, and books, and the magazine is even offering readers a chance to win an overnight stay in the original Bauhaus Dessau for two!

Check out the entire series here in a dedicated section of their website.