2019 marks the centennial anniversary of the founding of the Bauhaus by Walter Gropius. This event will be celebrated around the world, especially in in Germany, Greece, Israel, and in the United States, where many of the original Bauhaus master teachers and students emigrated before World War II. One of those emigrants, Herbert Bayer, a Bauhaus master teacher of typography and design, was invited by Walter Paepcke to move to Aspen in 1946 to help design Paepcke’s idea of a cultural epicenter.

Bayer left many enduring monuments to the Bauhaus during the 39 years he lived in Aspen. To honor this uncommon Bauhaus legacy and honor the continued impact of the educational philosophy and radical approach to design and life, Aspen and the Roaring Fork Valley will join the world-wide celebration from January-August, 2019.

Featuring lectures, educational outreach, parties, art-making, films, art exhibitions and more festivities, this celebration is a collaboration of more than twenty organizations and individuals. Visit our event calendar to start planning your Bauhaus 100: Aspen celebration.