This semester, our 3D Studio class at Colorado Mountain College had the special opportunity to work closely with CCY Architects for the Bauhaus 100 anniversary in Aspen. This project, by Aspen and the Roaring Fork Valley, is collaborating with artists to bring back the memory of the historic Sundeck structure that used to sit at the top of Aspen Mountain.

Our class was tasked with making a 3D model of the original Bauhaus Sundeck, working in software called Rhino. With very little prior experience in 3D, we were very new to both modeling as well as the program itself. The Sundeck project challenged our way of thinking, and despite the learning curve, we were heavily motivated and inspired to take part in celebrating the anniversary of Bauhaus. As part of the class, we had the pleasure of visiting with the CCY architects to tour their creative space and learn more about the applications of 3D and virtual reality in architectural realization. We all wanted to see our Sundecks come to life after seeing their amazing models. After many redos and much struggle, not only were we able to turn our digital models into analog versions through the process of 3D printing, we also recreated the model on a larger scale out of foam. Unfortunately, the 3D printer was not the best quality and some of the models came out looking wonkier than their digital counterparts, but either way, this was an awesome, invaluable experience! Seeing our designs go from digital to physical was wonderful, it is a pleasure to take part in this historical project for Aspen Mountain and the art community.

View a model created by CCY Architects and Colorado Mountain College at the Sundeck Restaurant atop Aspen Mountain. CLICK HERE for details and an amazing 3D rendering.